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School Discipline


The School Discipline Board


Discipline Teacher

Staff Room

Discipline Master

Mr. R. Ng


Deputy Discipline Master

Mr. Y.L. Chung

Room B



Discipline Teacher

Assistant Discipline Teacher

Staff Room


Ms. P.S. Tsui

Mr. M.T. Wong

Room D & A respectively


Ms N.L. Chan

Mr. A. Ng

Room D & E respectively


Mr. T. Wong

Ms. D. Li

Room E & D respectively


Mr. S. Kwan

Ms. D. Li

Room B & D respectively


Mr. C.K. Tse

Mr. Y.L. Chung

Room E & B respectively


Mr. Y.L. Chung

Mr. A. Chan

Room B & A respectively


Mr. R. Ng

Mr. T. F. Chan

Library & Room A respectively

School Uniform

All students of this college will wear school uniform on all prescribed school days and school functions. Students' uniform should conform with the requirements stated in the Student Handbook. Students without complete uniform will not be admitted to class.


Students should be punctual for school. Parents should inform the school by telephone(between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.) when students cannot attend school and follow this by a letter of excuse from parent/guardian on the next school day. Students absent from school for 3 successive days without informing the school may be considered as having left school.

Safety in School

1. Students are advised to bring their students' I.D. cards when coming back to school.

2. Students are not allowed to bring outsiders to school without permision.

3. Students should observe all the safety instructions when using school facilities.

4. Students are not allowed to leave school permises during school hours except during lunch breaks.

5. Students are advised to attend to their own personal belongings and all valuables should be kept in the lockers especially during P.E. lessons.

6. Form 1 students are given an exclusive area to play.

7. The Discipline Master and on teacher will be on duty for general supervision during recess and lunch hours.

Conduct and Academic Assessments

This will be held in October and in April. These assessments will affect the promotion of the students.

Disciplinary Actions

Verbal warning -> Punishment -> Detention Class -> (parents will be informed and record will be kept by the Discipline Board) -> Internal Suspension (parents will be informed) -> Suspension at Home (parents will sign the offence record & take the student home. A copy of the offence record may be sent to the Education Department for future reference.)



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