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Business Fundamentals

To arise students' awareness in Business, a subject called Business Fundamentals is introduced to F1 and F2 syllabus.

Moral and Civic Education

The theme of Moral and Civic Education is to nurture a whole and balanced person, with a strong sense of moral values, one who will contribute to the well-being of society and the nation, and eventually to the world at large. Students will have moral and civic education period once every two weeks and it will be operated on a two-week cycle. The teachers will take turn to go into these classes. Classes not having this period for that week will have no lessons for that period and are free to leave.


Students should be trained to:

1. Identify the values that contribute to building their moral character such as perseverance, respect for others, responsibility and moral courage.

2. Understand Chinese family traditions and know the qualities that build familyunity such as love, responsibility towards family members, respect among family members, commitment, etc.

3. Understand the importance of teamwork and graciousness that will enable them to work well in community.

4. Understand some concerns of the community and identify the ways that could contribute to the community.


Reading Session

A reading session is added in the last period of Friday. Through this, we hope students can understand the joys of reading and carry on this habit outside school.

The aims are:

1. To help students form a reading habit.

2. To help improve the students' language proficiency.

3. To broaden students' horizon.

4. To create a positive reading atmosphere in our school environment.

Guidelines on what to be read:

1. Fiction

2. Biography

3. Poetry

4. History

5. Travel and adventure

6. English Readers (for F.3-7 only)

Guidelines on what NOT to be read:

1. Textbooks, Workbooks

2. English Readers (for F.1&2 only)

3. Newspapers

4. Comics

5. References for HKCEE & HKAL

6. Obscene materials



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