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Form Teachers (with room location)

Last Update: 18/09/2005

Form 1

Form 1A
     Mr. Joseph Wong (Room A)
     Mr. Tam Kwok Kuen* (Room E)

Form 1B
     Mr. Wong Chiu Hung (Room E)
     Mr. Cheung Wing Kin* (Room E)

Form 1C
     Mr. Ho Bun Choi (Room A)
     Mr. Ng Kwan Kit * (Room E)
Form 1D
     Ms. Chan Nga Man (Room E)
     Mr. Wong Man Tim* (Room A)

Form 1E
     Mr. Yip Wing Yuen (Room B)
     Ms. Beatrice Chan* (Room C)

Form 2

Form 2A
     Ms. Kwok Yu Man (Room E)

Form 2B
     Ms. Tsui Pui Shan (Room D)

Form 2C
     Ms. Liu Shu Yu (Room B)
     Mr. Ko Kwok Tim (Room A)

Form 2D
     Mr. Lam Kwok Hung (Room E)

Form 2E
     Ms Regina Wong (Room B)

Form 3

Form 3A
     Ms. Lee Sooi Sian (Room E)

Form 3B
     Ms. Lioba Chau (Room E)

Form 3C
     Mr. Chan Ngai Lou (Room D)

Form 3D
     Mr. ip Kit Keung (Room A)

Form 3E
     Mr. Ng Yuk King (Room E)

Form 4

Form 4A
     Mr. Chung Yun Lam (Room B)

Form 4B
     Ms. Chu Mei Ling (Room C)
     Mr. Terence Wong (Room E)

Form 4C
     Ms. Keung Yuk Chong (Room C)
     Ms. Caroline Chan (Room C)

Form 4D
     Ms. Li Suk Ha (Room D)

Form 4E
     Ms. Wong Yuen Fan (Room D)

Form 5

Form 5A
     Ms. Sandy Chan (Room D)
     Mr. Tse Chun Keung (Room A)

Form 5B
     Ms. Maria Young (Room D)

Form 5C
     Mr. Szeto C.W. (Room E)
     Ms. Fong Yin Lan (Room C)

Form 5D
     Mr. Chung Fat Shing (Room A)

Form 5E
     Ms. Esther Chia (Room C)

Form 6

Form 6A
     Mr. Wong Hon Chau (Room A)

Form 6B
     Mr. Chan King Por (Room A)

Form 6C
     Ms. Yvonne Fong (Room B)

Form 7

Form 7A
     Mr. Sin Ka Ming (Room A)

Form 7B
     Mr. But Chi Huen (Room A) 

Form 7C
     Mr. Chan Tak Foo (Room A)


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