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Mission of Career Guidance
1. To assist students in making a better informed decision and guide them to achieve the best match amongst career options, further education opportunities, their capabilities and aspirations.

2. To promote within students a feeling of belonging and ensure that they carry the Josephian spirit into their careers and future life.

Objective of Careers Guidance Team
1. To provide information on available and appropriate career/further education opportunities, local and overseas.

2. To develop among students an individualistic approach towards career planning / education opportunities.

Administrative Support
1. To assist students applying for further studies / jobs.

2. To write letters of recommendation for students.

Guidelines for issuing transcript and recommendation letter during school holidays
1. Students should apply for transcript and recommendation letter 5 working days before the school close for the Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter and Summer holidays.

2. Allow 5 working days before the transcript and recommendation letter can be collected from the school office.

3. During the Summer Holidays ( 13 July V 31 August ), the school office will only issue a letter for completion of the school year for F5 and F7 students and help to certify photo copies of students' school reports, remark reports and ECA records ( last two pages of the students' handbook ).

Teachers Responsible
- Ms. Y. C. Keung ( Careers Mistress ) (Room C)
- Mrs. Alice Cheung (Vice Principal)
- Ms Caroline Chan

Reference Materials
Application Form for Letter of Recommendation (PDF Format)

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